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Industry Solutions built on Spotlight

Why Spotlight?

Spotlight technology empowers users to operate at a level above the underlying RFID device infrastructure with RFID Software based Industry Solutions that can be extended with customer-specific business logic as needed. Your deployments will run smoothly with RFID Software, managed by a process automation engine that seamlessly consumes real-time asset movements from the physical world and transforms them into trends and actionable reports for your operating environment, while providing the following benefits:

  • Industry Solution Starter Kits –Take advantage of a rich set of core RFID based capabilities to get up and running quickly for your core automated Asset Tracking needs. With abstractions for Assets, Zones, Devices, Alerts, Reports, and mobile & web portal-based workflow's you can deploy an RFID based 'Observational' system out of the box – and then build on it to deploy a more comprehensive process automation solution.
  • Device Independence: Gain the freedom and flexibility to choose among a variety of RFID devices based on the business needs of your solution. Architecting the solution based on the Microsoft RFID platforms provides device independence and portability.
  • Portability: Out of the box process flows for coreRFID handheld scenarios such as asset creation, commissioning, decommission, zone audits, search, and cycle count enable instructions to be sent and executed by mobile workers in a seamless manner.
  • Total Control and Transparency – With Spotlight, you retain visibility into all levels of your Asset Tracking application. Manage and monitor devices; Test, troubleshoot, and execute mobile RFID Software applications with total control. You can also store data from mobile applications locally in a disconnected or partially connected environment with the peace of mind that this data will be synchronized with the central server upon reconnect.
  • Extensibility  - Easily extended your RFID Software solutions for specific user interface and business logic using standard development tools. Spotlight maintains a clear separation between based product and customization to support long-term maintainability, and customizations are implemented using the standard off-the shelf development environment and tools from Microsoft. This also means that the solutions you deploy on Spotlight are designed to connect and co-exist with the controlling enterprise applications thereby enhancing their effectiveness with RFID data.

Phase Zero: Deploying an 'Observational' system

What sets S3Edge apart is our unique approach of managing complex mission-critical deployments - comprising multiple entities from hardware, to software systems and the connections between them - in a phased manner.

Spotlight's packaged components, comprising of hardware, tags and the needed controlling RFID Software, can be quickly deployed with little or no disruption to existing enterprise systems. It can be used to determine where high-cost errors occur and labor productivity can be improved, by observing and reporting on real-time asset movements. This is often called Phase Zero and results in an Observational RFID Software system being deployed where users can quickly gather data and insights into how their operations can be improved – this then sets the stage for a more comprehensive RFID solution roll out that targets process automation enhancements.

Find out how customers & partners across various industries are deploying RFID based Spotlight technology to eliminate errors and improve labor productivity across their operations by clicking on the links on the left.


"We selected S3Edge after evaluating solution providers based on their experience, and ability to deliver a mission-critical, large-scale enterprise application focused on the operator and the flow of work in our existing processes. Thanks to this approach and S3Edge's focus on delivering to commitments, the project benefits were realized within three months of launch with little to no re-engineering required. The system has been running live in a high velocity, dynamic manufacturing environment for over a year with no issues"

Balaji Suresh
Materials Manager, and project sponsor
United Technologies

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"S3Edge's commitment to quality, flexibility, and RFID domain expertise in deploying enterprise-ready software in an operationally challenging environment using a variety of devices, is second to none. Their approach to deploying a scalable Real-Time Visibility & Control System has allowed us to take a complex, emerging technology and convert it into a competitive advantage for our business and customers"

James Chan
General Manager

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We are extremely pleased to team up with S3Edge to put this exciting system development into the hands of our clients. Our unified, best-of-breed approach, which brings together Access Solutions’ deep domain expertise in the FME industry and S3Edge’s Spotlight technology for RFID-based asset tracking, as well as their systems integration bench strength and expertise, will deliver unparalleled levels of efficiencies across the enterprise

Kelvin Mann,
President  & CEO, Access Solutions

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S3Edge has helped Motorola take our partnership with Microsoft BizTalk RFID to the next level.

Matt Eschbach
Global Strategic Alliance Manager
Motorola Enterprise Mobility Business

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S3 Edge is our most preferred RFID technical partner

Kian NG
SOA, Process Platform & RFID Solutions Sales - ASIA Lead
Microsoft Asia Pacific

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The RFID system provided equivalent capabilities to those of IPR in terms of detecting and resolving process errors. It additionally provided the blood bank staff real-time visibility for blood products in transit from the hospital blood bank to the point-of-care and in remote storage in our emergency department.

Dr. Thomas J. Raife,
MD, Clinical Professor & Medical Director,
UIHC DeGowin Blood Center

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"The expertise and credibility of the S3Edge team made it an easy choice for us to engage with them to build out our device provider capabilities for the BizTalk RFID platform. In addition, their ability to deliver ‘80% done, 20% customizable’ software solutions via their rich RTVS solution framework is a much needed piece of the puzzle in enabling our integrators to deliver high-value, complex solutions in a repeatable cookie-cutter manner, with lesser custom code"

Sal Scafidi
Strategic Business Manager
Omron RFID Division
United Technologies

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S3 Edge's RTVS capabilities enabled RiteCare Pharmacy to envision, design and implement game-changing business processes. The S3 Edge RTVS software built on Microsoft BizTalk platform has enabled us to cut down our cycle times to ship by 50%, eliminate errors due to mis-ships, and double our throughput times. This innovative real-time visibility platform for warehouse ensures RiteCare can now scale rapidly in the future to fulfill our promise of a quality pharmacy in every neighborhood with wide variety of medicines.

Seshu Guddanti
Managing Director of RiteCare

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The S3Edge's RTVS based WiP (work in process) solution delivered on the promise of real visibility, real time in record time to enable GKB (Carl Zeiss Vision JV partner) to continue to raise the bar in the level of service .The WIP solution was delivered at ZEISS Brand Lab at Goa (a Carl Zeiss "Star One" accredited lab). In addition to enabling fewer delayed orders, and a multi-fold increase in customer satisfaction with a RFID based solution on the manufacturing floor, S3 is also closely working with us on designing innovative solution for our retail stores in India to further increase our customer value.

Manish Soni
General Manager
GKB Hi-Tech Lenses Pvt. Ltd.

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We are extremely pleased to team up with S3Edge to design, and develop this innovative application for the transfusion medicine industry. Our collaborative, best-of-breed approach, which brings together the domain expertise in Transfusion Medicine practices and S3Edge's software strength, will deliver unparalleled levels of efficiencies for blood centers and hospitals across their supply chain operations

Rodeina Davis
Vice-President & CIO, BloodCenter of Wisconsin

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Our strategic partnership with S3Edge allows Microsoft BizTalk RFID users to exploit the Speedway® reader’s advanced capabilities and performance. I highly recommend S3Edge as a partner to work with in building end-to-end solutions on the Microsoft RFID platform.

Daniel Bowman
Sr. Marketing Manager, Impinj, Inc

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Thanks to the outstanding work of the entire consortium team, we have successfully piloted the new system to track blood products as they move from fixed and mobile donation sites, through the blood center and to distribution. After 24 weeks of running the system in a pilot mode here at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin, we have seen process efficiency and traceability gains, as well as marked improvements in reconciliation

Lynne Briggs
Vice President and
Chief Information Officer,
Blood Center of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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"S3Edge is a key partner in developing packaged solutions that fully utilize the capabilities of the Microsoft BizTalk RFID platforms to address real-world customer need. Their Spotlight product is a good example of how partners are innovating to deliver complete end-to-end solutions for customers on the Microsoft Application Platform, across the globe"

Sudhir Hasbe

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S3Edge's packaged asset tracking software has enabled us to go from assessing technical feasibility to building out a set of applications that address the operational needs of blood centers and hospitals in a relatively short period of time. Their technical abilities and experience in deploying enterprise-ready applications has helped the consortium deliver on the promise of a packaged mission critical solution to improve the safety and efficiency of our nation's blood supply

Tina Chang
CEO, SysLogic Inc.

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S3Edge continues to raise the bar in the area of software innovation to address customer needs. The support for Android-based devices for our transfusion medicine RFID applications will give healthcare professionals in our field an easy, well-understand interface to quickly adopt a new set of auto-ID applications aimed at cutting costs and eliminating errors in the blood supply chain. This new-paradigm is going to be the game-changer in the adoption of RFID based applications in Healthcare.

Clive Hohberger
RFID Systems Architect,
Blood Center of Wisconsin

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S3 Edge’s unique capabilities and deep understanding of Microsoft’s Mobile RFID platform was crucial in deploying a turnkey solution at RiteCare pharmacy for warehouse visibility – their ability to go from design to fully operational in 60-90 days at the customer site is a testament of their abilities to show demonstrable ROI and lower the barrier to rapid solution deployment.

Judy Huang
Product Manager RFID
Unitech Electronics Co., LTD

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Member of Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist Team

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  Spotlight based RFID Software provides an automated method of identifying the movement of assets across various locations by deploying a packaged inventory-tracking solution across various devices, that can then be customized for specific business-process workflows.